The Breweries of the game

The breweries you visit in the game are real breweries. Here is the list of those who granted us permission to appear in our game.

Nanobrasserie de L’Ermitage

Autonomous, independent, and filled with interiority, the Hermit is moving although it is slow. We are destined to evolve, but the gestation must be slow and deep. May the lantern guide us in our creativity, in our quest for quality and in sharing our passion for brewing.

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No Science Brasserie

It’s with the sound of electrified music that its Brussels beers are brewed… Noisy Pale Ale, Psycho, Heavy Porter, Stoner Witch, Fade to Grey, Da’funk… “This is not Belgian style, but we still put our Belgian touch in it”

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Brasserie Cantillon

Cantillon ? That’s the time machine. You’ll leave the modern civilization, goodbye to the noise, goodbye to the world. “But where are we ?”, you will ask yourself. Well, you are in a family brewery where Lambic, Gueuze, Faro and Kriek are made and where nothing has changed since 1900 when it was founded. The Van Roy-Cantillon family welcomes you and invites you to discover a fabulous world. Beers, tools and brewing process are still the same as in the beginning.

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Léopold 7

Leopold 7 is a premium craft beer brewed sustainably, made of 3 types of grain, 3 hops and 1 Leopold touch.

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Brasserie des Légendes

Brasserie des Légendes combines tradition and technologies to produce high fermentation beers that are rich in flavours, while respecting the strictest quality and hygiene standards. She is one of the breweries of the author, not only because it is of origin of Ath but also by the taste of the Goyasse…

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Brasserie de la Senne

A Brussels brewery and not the least… it produces beers with a complex flavor and a strong personality that are real beers of character made in Brussels.

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Brasserie Lupulus

A racy beer brewed in lush greenery in our beautiful Belgian Ardennes. For the small history, the Latin name for hops is HUMULUS LUPULUS, which literally means “Little humble wolf”.

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Brasserie Dubuisson

With deeps roots and values that give it an authenticity that few breweries can rely on and that make it the oldest and most authentic brewery in Wallonia.

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Brasserie Lefebvre

Young of six generations, the Lefebvre brewery has remained a family business. It employs about 40 people and exports about 75% of its volumes produced in more than 50 countries.

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Gueuzerie Tilquin

Installed in Bierghes in the Senne valley, the Gueuzerie Tilquin is the only gueuze blendery in Wallonia. A gueuzerie is an enterprise where Gueuze à l’ancienne is blended.

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Brouwerij Jessenhofke

The Brewery Jessenhofke, Belgian organic beer, is born from the love of pure flavours and respect for all that mother earth gives us. Their gratitude to the producers who produce their ingredients with exceptional passion is what drives them to continue their mission. They share this passion with you in their beers, tastings and workshops.

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Brasserie Artisanale de Namur

CONVIVIALITY, ORIGINALTY AND PASSION. Conviviality and friendship are part and parcel of who we are. It all began with a group of friends sharing a drink. And we are keen to preserve and celebrate this state of mind which got things rolling.

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Brasserie Minne

“Beer is a pleasure and must remain so” The new name of the Bastogne brewery, Brasserie Minne from wild Belgium.

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Brouwerij De Leite

The name ‘Leite’ is derived from the Dutch word ‘laagte’ (down below) and would also refer to a location in Ruddervoorde near the brewery where a small stream flows along the mill ‘Leitemolen’.

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Brussels Beer Project

The story of Brussels Beer Project is some years -not centuries- old. The project was born in 2013 by the action of two beer enthusiasts, Olivier & Sébastien. This time, no abbeys, they preferred Brussels : cosmopolitan, contemporary, vibrant. Their mission ? Wake Belgian beer up, dust it and get it out of middle-ages.

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Brasserie de l’Abbaye du Val-Dieu

True Treasure Of Time. Savor the authenticity of the only Belgian Abbey beer brewed in the very heart of the monastery’s historic buildings.

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Brasserie de la Lienne

Founded in spring 2013 by Nicolas and Mélissa Résimont, Brasserie de la Lienne is a small-scale microbrewery established in the heart of the beautiful region of the Belgian Ardennes, between the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg. It has found its place in an old farmhouse where fermentation tanks have replaced the feeders, and where the hayloft has turned into a tasting room.

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Brasserie de Jandrain-Jandrenouille

Know How - Taste - Quality - Tradition The Féculerie farm in Jandrain-Jandrenouille has been transformed into a brewery since the summer of 2007. That year, the first product of the brewery was born, the IV Saison, corresponding to the wishes of its designers. Savant dosage of traditional Belgian know-how and declination of hops US bitter and aromatic.


Siphon Brewing

WE ARE SIPHON BREWING. Where Old World meets New World. We’re a small Belgian brewery on the grounds of a four-generation-old family restaurant in Damme.We brew classic Belgian styles with a twist, as well as international styles not common in Belgium.

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Emanuele Corazzini created NovaBirra in 2008. Passionate about craft beers, he went to meet the daring and innovative brewers of our regions. It was with them that the idea was born to propose brewing classes to share their knowledge of beer. Over the years, he has been able to discover our brewing heritage to many enthusiasts. Since 2011, he brews his own beers: Big Mama Stout, Big Nose Triple, Holy IPA and Seed of the New Grace.

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Brouwerij’t Verzet

The brewery ‘t Verzet is synonymous with balanced beers with a twist. Since 2016, ‘t Verzet’s brewers have put their creativity to the fore in their own vats from the brewery’ t Verzet in Anzegem, West Flanders. In the past five years, they rented brewing friends’ facilities to brew their original beers.

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En Stoemlings

Pintjes van Brussel, het is ça va! They make traditional styles with a twist, Santeï.

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Brasserie La Binchoise

Since 1836, beer has been produced at Faubourg Saint Paul. Privileged place by the presence of the river La Samme. The brewery La Binchoise was honored in 1995 when it won the Platinum Medal at the World Beer Championships in Chicago for the Spéciale Noël and the Gold Medal for La Bière des Ours. Brewed by infusion in a tank heated to direct fire, all the beers of La Binchoise are of high fermentation.

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Brouwerij De Ranke

Making the best beer possible according to their standards :

  • Using natural raw materials
  • Respecting old traditional methods
  • The project can’t depend on commercial success Ethical, ecological and sustainable Mission : Bringing bitterness and sourness back to Belgian beer

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Breweries to be announced : 16/40