Kickstarter - Postponed


The Belgian Beers Race Kickstarter campaign is postponed to a later date.

Why ? These words are quite difficult to write down, especially after so much work done and so close to the long-awaited date … but despite our wish to maintain the campaign, we are forced to give it up for several reasons:

  • Our finalizations of production quotes are blocked because some subcontractors are closed for an indefinite period… Given the current situation, it is impossible to fix up a production date for the game (and therefore to communicate on a calendar).
  • A large part of the reviewers cannot provide the expected video presentations and especially all the videos in English. The same goes for certain professional sites.
  • Distributors are in difficult situations with the postponement of planned games. We therefore cannot finalize any started negotiations as we cannot provide the number of retail boxes to be produced. This number is very important for us in order to allow us to produce the game in larger quantities and thereby to greatly reduce the cost per unit.
  • Breweries and game / beer shops are currently in very touchy situations. We are also counting on them during our campaign and do not find it the right time to solicit them.
  • Some game festivals on which we wanted to make promotion have been cancelled and no animation is currently possible. We also had several events planned during the campaign which were important in terms of communication and which we unfortunately cannot organize.

When? Well, right now, it’s still the big uncertainty. Until all activities go back to normal, we cannot firmly announce the new dates. We will confirm these dates as soon as possible. Obviously, this means probably missing the slot for a release in 2020, missing the Christmas holiday period, which was so important for our game and, above all of that, at the moment we do not know when the game will finally be released.

The future… For a new company like BYR Games, the situation is very difficult. Having already financially invested in our project and having currently no game available in shops (consequently, no income), we must deal with our own means. All our costs are funded by the team’s own funds and we do not know how long we will be able to keep up at this rate. But we don’t want to give up, so here is our program for the campaign:

  • finalize the visuals of what will be offered during the TBBR campaign;
  • work on a solo mode for TBBR;
  • work on our second game (we will probably tell you more soon);
  • work on other TBBR projects (roll & write and other versions);
  • work on setting up promotional events for the campaign;
  • make our selection of funny festivals where we would like to be present in 2020 (and early 2021).

The important thing is to get out of this crisis as quickly as possible. So, stay at home, follow the containment measures and bear up. Together we will all come out stronger and we hope that it will make everyone thinks on the future we want for humanity. It is certain, the world will never be the same after that.

We thank you for your support so far and hope that we can count on it again in the future. Don’t hesitate to revert with your questions, comments, ideas …

The BYR Games team